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This System Contains CUI//PRVCY
Defense Travel System

Accessing DTS

Need help logging in? Accessing DTS only takes a few steps.

Before you can access DTS, you'll need to ensure your web browser is fully compatible, obtain a digital PKI certificate and contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) about setting up an account. There are online tools available to help you learn more about DTS. All courses are offered through the Travel Explorer (TraX) website. To access TraX, register through Passport, the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) web portal. DTMO's training website also offers a variety of manuals and resources pertaining to DTS.

Instructions on Accessing Training in TraX

DTMO's Training and Resource Center

Enabling Browser Pop-ups

Pop-ups are windows that appear automatically while browsing a website. DTS will occasionally use them to convey information to you.

To enable pop-ups, please contact your system administrator.

Contact Your DTA About Your DTS Account

Once your browser is compatible, you may access DTS. After clicking the Log In button, you may be prompted to enter and confirm your SSN for security purposes. If this is your first time accessing DTS, you'll receive a message indicating that your SSN does not match any existing profiles and that you must use the self-registration system to continue. Please contact your DTA to ensure that you enter the correct organizational information.

If your profile still needs to be associated to your new or current organization, you'll receive an error message that your account can not be found or has been locked. Please contact your DTA to activate your profile. DTS account creation is normally done during the check-in process when reporting to a new organization.